RI, Malaysia to sign new MoU on migrant workers

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Manpower and Transmigration Minister Muhaimin Iskandar said Indonesia and Malaysia would sign a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Indonesian migrant workers in the neighboring country by mid August 2010.

"Some of the subject matters of the MoU were settled during meetings with Malaysian representatives last month. The only problem left now is about the cost of sending Indonesian workers to Malaysia," said the minister here on Tuesday.

Previously, Indonesia had objected to the Malaysian government`s proposal to set the transportation costs for migrant workers from Medan, Jakarta and Kalimantan at the same amount.

The salary of the workers was also among the tough issues during the negotiations as the Malaysian government proposed 500 Ringgit per month and Indonesia insisted it should not be less than 800 Ringgit.

Muhaimin did not say whether both sides had agreed on the two subject matters. However, he said Indonesia and Malaysia were committed to sign the MoU as soon as possible at the latest by August this year.

Last June 2009 Indonesia freezed its supply of maids to Malaysia following some cases of maid abuse and lack of benefits, absence of a minimum monthly salary and no provision for day-offs.

Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta last May 18 signed a Letter of Intent to give a new dimension to the employment of domestic workers in Malaysia and the two countries agreed on revised terms to be included in a new MoU scheduled to be signed at the latest in July 2010.

However, due to the tough going in the negotiations on several issues, the July time frame could not be kept.

Source : http://antaranews.com/en/news/1280879251/ri-malaysia-to-sign-new-mou-on-migrant-workers

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