Wiranto against giving TNI voting right

Banda Aceh (ANTARA News) - Former National Defense Forces (TNI) commander Wiranto said the time had not yet come for the military to exercise its voting right because Indonesian politics still lacked "stability."

"The TNI now had better focus on their national defense tasks and not be swayed by the discourse (to allow them to vote)," he said here Saturday (July 3).

Wiranto, a retired four-star general who is now chairman of the People`s Conscience (Hanura) Party, said if the idea to let TNI members exercise their voting right was pushed through, "more bad than good things will result."

He said, having spent most of his lifetime in the military, he had a good knowledge of what the TNI needed and he could therefore say the voting right was certainly not an urgent TNI need.

"Indonesian politics now have yet to reach a sufficient degree of stability because most of the country`s politicians are still immature in their thinking as evident from the fact that many of them can still not accept differences of opinion," he said.

"Political differences easily lead to enmities. In such a situation, what is going to happen if the TNI again gets involved in politics. There will then be reason to fear we may become so fragmented as to threaten national unity and integrity," he said.

Wiranto deplored the fact that many quarters had issued statements encouraging the TNI to reenter practical politics by launching the discourse to give servicemen the right to vote in general elections.

Politicians and TNI leaders should stop recklessly encouraging the defense forces to get involved in practical politics, he said.

Source : http://antaranews.com/en/news/1278212919/wiranto-against-giving-tni-voting-right

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