A top celebrity detained over sex tape video

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesian famous actress Luna Maya was arrested in the National Police Headquarters here Wednesday evening for being considered not cooperative in the porn video case.

"The Police have detained Luna because she is considered not cooperative," Senior Commissioner Marwoto Soeto, a police spokesman, said here Thursday.

She was detained at the Police Headquarters` Criminal Investigation Department (Bareskrim) jail on Wednesday (July 14) at around 10 pm local time.

"Luna is arrested because she is strongly suspected being involved in the making of porn video recordings with Ariel," Marwoto Seoto said.

The police earlier named actresses Luna Maya and Cut Tari suspects in the sensational porn video case.

"Luna and Cut Tari have been named suspects but we think there is no need to detain them," Bareskrim Chief General Commissioner Ito Sumardi said recently (July 9).

The two women are suspected of having involvement in the making of sex videos with popular Peterpan pop band vocalist Nasril Irham alias Ariel.

The police had earlier named Ariel a suspect and have held him at the Bareskrim jail since June 22, 2010.

Cut Tari and Luna Maya on Thursday (July 8) offered apologies to the public but this did not change their status as suspects in the case.

The police had also carried out a scientific crime investigation on the three celebrities in which their physical characteristics were compared with those of the actors in the porn video scenes.

The circulation of the video clips via the internet and individual cellphone cameras among the public created a national uproar as the actors looked like Ariel, Luna Mata and Cut Tari.

Last June, the National Police`s chief detective, Commissioner General Ito Sumardi, said the police had asked Luna and Ariel about the process of the filming and why the video could spread. But Ito did not explain who had made the film and uploaded it on the internet, and for what purpose.(*)

Source : http://antaranews.com/en/news/1279180273/a-top-celebrity-detained-over-sex-tape-video

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