FAO provides access to statistical data free

London (ANTARA News) - The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) provides free statistical data by way of FAO Statistical Batabase to evey interested person, while in the past a person could have access to data by way of the FAO Statistical Database which could be obtained free for certain and limited data.

Agriculture Attache at the Indonesian embassy in Rome Erizal Sodikin told Antara`s London correspondent Friday that the information was obtained from FAO saying that FOASTATE can now be accessed.

He said FAOSTAT is the most complete statistical database in the world when it comes to food, agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry and fisheries.

In the meantime, Asistant to the FAO Director General Hafez Ghanem, in charge of Social and Economic Development, said freedom in access to statistical data of the FAO is very important as an instrument in overcoming poverty, promoting sustainable development, and overcoming hunger.

Ghanem hoped economic experts, planners, and policy makers throughout the world will be using the available data well.

In the meantime, Director of the Statistic Division of FAO Pietro Gennari said FAOSTAT is a very handy and useful instrument to see where hunder takes place, understanding hunger, and what is needed to overcome hunger.

FAOSTAT also contains data on agricultural and food production, the use of fertilizers and pesticides, shipping food aid, forestry and food production, irrigation and the use of water, the use of land, world population trends, trading of agricultural products, use of agricultural machinery (agricultural mechanisation) and others.

FAOSTAT provides data in three languages, namely English, French, and Spanish, in the form of tables, graphics, and can be obtained in Excel program format.

It is easily accessed by entering the keyford of FAOSTAT, and those trying to make the access will enter their website, and can choose the access of their choice, Dr. Erizal Sodikin said. (*)

Source : http://antaranews.com/en/news/1278702814/fao-provides-access-to-statistical-data-free

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