Thirty-eight groups stage rallies condemning Israel

Bogor, W Java (ANTARA News) - Thirty-eight mass organizations in Bogor city staged rallies on Friday to condemn Israel`s recent attack on volunteers aboard the humanitarian ship Mavi Marmara.

The protesters also urged the Indonesian government and the international community to bring Israel to the international court.

"The Israeli attack is very uncivilized. We condemn Israel for the attack. We ask the Indonesian government to help the Palestinian people and urge the United Nations to bring Israel to the international court," Ahmad Hasyim, a member of the consultative council of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI)`s chapter in Bogor, said on the sidelines of the rallies.

Clad in white, hundreds of protesters converged on the Kujang monument with some of them carrying Palestinian flags and unfurling banners condemning Israel.

In their oration, the demonstrators said Israel had violated human rights by attacking volunteers.

"We must wage war on Israel," one of the demonstrators said.

The demonstrators said they no longer trusted the UN as the world`s supreme security council and accused the US as the world police of being unable to control Israel.
The demonstrators also set fire to a number of Israeli flags in show of sympathy with the Palestinian people.

"This is a manifestation of our sympathy with our brothers in Palestine. We must unite to support Palestine so as to create peace there," Ahmad said.(*)

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