One killed in PT Medco gas pipeline blowout

Bengkulu (ANTARA News) - A Sembatu Jaya villager of Bulang Tengah Suku Ulu subdistrict, Musi Rawas, S Sumatra, Yudi (21) was killed in a fire blowout of a gas pipeline of milik PT Medco E&P operating in the area.

Witnesses said Wednesday the fatal accident took place on Tuesday at 3 am, at a time when some villagers tried to steal crude oil being channeled from the exploration site to the collecting point, by damaging the pipeline.

But as the line was a gas pipeline, the result was a blowout coupled with an explosion which triggered a fire killing the villager and injuring some of his friends.

In the meantime, Senior Manager of Relations of PT Medco E&P, Aditya Mandala confirmed the accident and handed over the case to the police.

"PT Medco E&P Indonesia has coordinated with the relevant local administration authorities," he said.

He has also reported the accident to the upstream oil and gas supervisory agency (BP-MIGAS) to handle the case.

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