President condoles with BJ Habibie over Ainun Habibie`s death

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono conveyed condolences directly to the former President BJ Habibie by an international telephone lines on the death of former first Lady Hasri Ainun Habibie.

"Last night, Mr. President contacted Mr. Habibie, when the latter was still at the hospital. President expressed sorrow on behalf of his personal, family, government, and the entire people of Indonesia," Habibie`s family spokesperson, Ahmad Watik Pratiknya, said at the Habibie family residence at Jl. Patra Kuningan, South Jakarta, Sunday.

Mrs. Ainun had assisted the community through the family`s social organizations, scholarships, donations, and other foundations, Ahmad Watik Pratiknya quoted the president as saying.

B.J. Habibie on behalf of himself, the deceased and the family expressed appreciation to the President and government`s attention, including for the preparation of the Garuda Indonesia GA 9741/9751 aircraft to pick up the deceased for returning home to Indonesia.

Watik who is also Executive Director of The Habibie Center, said that Habibie wished not to be separated from Ainun`s body and asked to be in the same car until her burial.

It was planned that a chartered Garuda aircraft would depart from Indonesia at 1.00 am local time on Monday, May 24, heading for Germany to pick up Ainun`s body, and is scheduled to fly the body home on Tuesday (May 25).

Ainun Habibie (72) passed away at 5.30 pm German time on Saturday at Ludwig Maximilians Universitat, Klinikum Gro`hadern, Munchen, Germany, where she had been treated since last March.

Mrs Habibie was admitted to the hospital last March and had ever since undergone several operations to remove a tumor from her lungs.

Hasri Ainun Habibie, who was born in Semarang on August 11, 1937, during her life, was active in the public social sectors and in several family`s foundations.

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