Garuda restores flights to Europe

London (ANTARA News) - A special dinner and performances by Ruth Sahanaya, Glenn Fredly, and pianist Sri Hanuraga, marked the restoration of national airline company Garuda Indonesia`s flights to the Netherlands.

New uniforms of stewardesses and stewards had also been designed by members of a a special team made up of Diyanti, Josephine (Obin) Komara, Irma, Diyanti and Ted Sulisto to be worn on the Garuda flights.

Minister Counsellor of the Indonesian embassy in The Hague Firdaus Dahlan told ANTARA`s London correspondent Sunday that the Indonesian embassy along with several Indonesian and Dutch media had a meeting at the Garuda Indonesia office at WTC building at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam for making preparations.

Senior General Manager for Asia, Europe and the Middle East Iswandi Said stated that the preparations were made starting several months ago including the opening of a Garuda Indonesia office at Schiphol last January manned by 14 employees including five station managers, three ticketing and reservation personnel, and four staff members.

Sixty percent of the seating capacity of the Amsterdam-Jakarta flight in June had been booked, and for July 89 percent of the seats had been booked.

Both flights from both points (Netherlands and Indonesia) will conduct a technical stop over in Dubai for an hour for refueling and the boarding of passengers from Dubai under Garuda`s 5th freedom flying rights for taking passengers in Dubai.

Last January Garuda had been received the "Four-Star Airline" citation from Sky Trax, a world independent institution making a judgment of flight service standards, placing Garuda at the same footing with other leading airline companies like Thai Airways, Korean Airlines, and Japan Airlines. (*)

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